“I have never experienced working in a so-called 'male sector': I have always felt at home.”
  • Name: Ariana Nura
  • Age: 52
  • Studies: Civil Engineer-Architect (KU Leuven)
  • Position: Senior Project Engineer
  • Hobbies: Traveling, cycling and swimming

The 52-year-old Ariana Nura works as a Senior Project Engineer at Cegelec. Her responsibilities include the design and engineering, as well as the follow-up of the planning, start-up and adjustment of HVAC installations. For this, she works closely with her team, project managers, site managers, project engineers and technical designers.

Do you like your job? 

Ariana: Yes, I enjoy every working day. The technical industry is constantly changing, so as an individual you can experience, learn and practice something new every day. As a result, I see myself growing more and more. In my job there is also a lot of room for variation and what makes it so special is that I can apply my creativity and innovative thinking to make projects evolve from a certain concept to a beautiful realization. In addition, the degree of difficulty of certain complicated installations makes a project even more fascinating to me as I always strive to exceed the client’s expectations. Realizing a project that contributes directly to society and that you can later look back on with pride, feels great and motivates me to continue to grow.

Are there any clichés about women in your industry?

Ariana: Many people have the impression that the technical industry is too physically demanding and difficult for a woman. First, the notion of “physically demanding” differs for each person. In addition, there are also many jobs that mainly require knowledge or practical jobs that only require physical strength to a limited extent. I do feel that this awareness is growing. I am also a fan of the fact that VINCI Energies wants to introduce more women to our sector and encourage them to become part of it. VINCI Energies always looks at people’s capabilities rather than gender or origin. Although there are still more men in the company, during my career at VINCI Energies I have seen more and more women joining. Personally, I have never really experienced working in a so-called ‘male sector’. I have always felt at home and have never had to prove myself just because I am a woman. The cooperation with men goes just as smoothly for me as it does with the other women. 

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