"Every woman, regardless of her origin, can make her dreams come true."


  • Name: Aseel Aldfafae
  • Age: 27
  • Studies: Business administration and training for AutoCAD (Incora)
  • Function: EPC Engineer
  • Hobbies: Reading, sports, shopping and travelling

The 27-year-old Aseel Khadim S Aldfafae works as an EPC Engineer at IZEN in Lille (Belgium). She is responsible for the design of solar panels.

Why did you choose VINCI Energies as your first work experience?

Aseel: I obtained a degree in business administration in Iraq, where I am from. In 2018, I moved to Belgium and expanded my knowledge by taking an Autocad course. After this, I immediately started working at VINCI Energies thanks to the positive stories of my husband who already worked here as an EPC engineer. He told me about the pleasant cooperation with colleagues. Moreover, at VINCI Energies, women and men constantly work together and I have noticed we are all treated equally. Despite the fact that many men work in the technical sector, I work in a team which consists almost exclusively of women. Now, me and my husband have become  permanent colleagues. VINCI Energies attracted me mainly because it is a major European player in renewable energy and I believe in a green future. 

Do you learn a lot at VINCI Energies?

Aseel: Yes! We get a lot of opportunities to take training courses. Together with my team, I have a training session every fortnight which lasts about an hour and a half. In this way, VINCI Energies enables us to improve in our work by giving us the opportunity to learn about all kinds of subjects. I consider my profession  to be an opportunity to combine work with study. Because my job as an EPC Engineer is my first work experience, I still learn a lot every day. My Dutch has also become quite fluent. This is partly thanks to all the pleasant conversations I have had with my coach and colleagues.

What advice would you give to other women?

Aseel: My advice is that every woman, regardless of her origin, can make her dreams come true. Ever since I was a child, I have loved drawing and dreamed of making it my profession. Now, as an EPC Engineer, I create designs on a daily basis. I want to keep growing and I would love to be able to show new colleagues the ropes myself, just like my coach is currently doing for me. One day I would like to become a Senior Engineer. 

Do you have any female role models?

A woman who inspires me enormously is the well-known Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. She created several important designs, such as the harbour house in Antwerp and the airport in Beijing. The engineering blood also runs in the family. My uncle, my husband and all his brothers are engineers too. My son also likes to draw, so perhaps we will soon have a new engineer in the family.

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