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"I always speak my mind and my male colleagues are like that too. That makes working together easy and pleasant."
  • Name: Charlotte Breugelmans
  • Age: 29
  • Studies: Professional Bachelor Interior Design – Construction (Thomas More Mechelen)
  • Position: Quality & Safety Controller
  • Hobbies: CrossFit

The 29-year-old Charlotte Breugelmans works as Quality & Safety Controller at IZEN. In addition to her role as coach, she is also responsible for the preparation and safety inspections of solar panel installations.

How did you discover VINCI Energies?

Charlotte: It was actually a coincidence. I used to work in the interior design sector, but I always had the feeling that my talents were elsewhere. Sitting behind a desk every day didn’t suit me: I wanted to be able to do something more active. I suddenly came across a vacancy online at VINCI Energies for the position of Sales Back Office. During the first interview, I quickly realized that this position was not for me. Fortunately, VINCI Energies immediately had something else in mind for me: selling solar panels. Although I enjoyed the contact with customers during that job, I felt less comfortable with the sales pitches. The company therefore gave me the opportunity to work as a Quality & Safety Controller where the technical aspect was more involved, and now I am even a coach. So VINCI Energies really helped me find the ideal job for me that matches my interests and talent, and I am very grateful for that.

Have you ever had to deal with prejudice? 

Charlotte: At VINCI Energies, the team I work closely with has always included mostly male colleagues. However, the work atmosphere is so female-friendly and no one has ever considered me to be ‘different’. I am someone who always says what I think and notice that my male colleagues are like that too, which makes working together easy and pleasant. Customer visits, on the other hand, were at times a different story. As a salesperson, I needed to do everything in my power to show that I had the right technical knowledge. This was often not the case with my male colleagues. I think it has yet to become a habit for some people to see a woman occupying a certain position. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Charlotte: Growth is very important to me, which is why I will definitely be following various training courses in the future to gain more knowledge. My previous training courses within VINCI Energies, such as a course on working at height and on the technical aspects of solar panels, have also helped me tremendously to develop myself. I have said this many times over the last year, but I love my job so much. It is the perfect combination of variety and challenge. As a brand new coach, everything is still a bit trial and error, but I do feel myself growing every day. I look forward to what the future will bring. 

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