"We must strive for a world where men and women are regarded as equals”
  • Name: Corinne Kermesse
  • Age: 41
  • Studies: Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering Electromechanics and Automation (Haute École Léonard de Vinci)
  • Function: Project Manager HVAC Life Sciences & Industry
  • Hobbies: Yoga, enjoying a good BBQ and spending time with friends and family

Corinne Kermesse, 41, works as a project manager at Cegelec, a brand of VINCI Energies in Belgium. She is a true project conductor and coordinates her projects from A to Z with the aim of ensuring their successful completion.

What convinced you to choose for VINCI Energies? 

Corinne: A former colleague of mine worked for Cegelec and asked me to work on a project as a consultant. About 2 years and a half ago, I decided to stay with Cegelec. Since I was a consultant first, I was able to meet the people and see how the company works. It was immediately clear that there is a good working atmosphere and I could also really identify with the VINCI Energies values. Entrepreneurship and autonomy are the values that really make the difference for me. We are the boss of our own project and are allowed to make many decisions ourselves. In addition, VINCI Energies offers many training opportunities with the VINCI Energies Academy. The possibility of career development is very important to me, as I am very ambitious. As such, I aim to become a business unit manager at some point in my career.

Did you have to face any prejudices?

Corinne: I have often encountered prejudice in the past. Some people think that a woman is out of place on the technical shop floor. There are even people who have said that to me openly. I have my own ideas about that but I keep going and I don’t care. In the same way, the fact that I am a woman has never made me question my choice of education or my career path. I thought more about what I actually wanted to pursue. This is essential, as we devote more than half of our lives to our work. Women are just as capable as men of doing any job. We must strive for a world where men and women are considered equal. Fortunately, this mentality is steadily becoming more prevalent. At VINCI Energies, we set a good example, as we see more and more women in the workplace.  

Who are your role models? 

Corinne: In general, my role models are all women with a strong character who can take important decisions and make themselves heard. Examples are Sophie Wilmès and Angela Merkel (regardless of their political affiliation), but my ultimate role model is the sailing star Sam Davies. I know her through Initiatives-Coeur, an initiative for heart surgery for children sponsored by VINCI Energies. She is inspiring because of her contributions to charity and her perseverance, both mentally and physically. In my opinion, such role models are great because they help other women gain more self-confidence. They make others realise that women are capable of anything and that they can and should have all kinds of ambitions.

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