Customer Care

"Women can do everything men can do."
  • Name: Els Cammaerts
  • Age: 36
  • Studies: Food and Hospitality (Sint Jozef Geel)
  • Function: Customer Care Support
  • Hobbies: Walking the dog and renovating her own house

The 36-year-old Els Cammaerts works as a Customer Care Support at IZEN. Her main responsibility is maintaining telephone contact with customers who experience problems with the installation of solar panels and HVAC installations. In the first phase, she analyzes the problem herself and takes steps to solve it, possibly by having the installation reset or by scheduling an appointment with the technical service. She is also responsible for the ordering process of the necessary materials needed for repairs.

How did you find your way into the technical sector?

Els: I actually ended up in this position very coincidentally thanks to a friend who was already working at IZEN. As I have always loved repairing and fixing things, she immediately thought of me when she saw the vacancy. So it’s definitely not like I wanted to do this from a very young age, because at the time I actually did not know that a position like Customer Care Support even existed. I am therefore very grateful that I was able to discover this job through her.

What makes your job so special to you?

Els: I am very proud of the work I do. It’s great to be able to help people and it still gives me a real sense of fulfillment every time I succeed in achieving this within the set deadline. In addition, it is mainly my colleagues who make my job so unique. The friendly atmosphere at work immediately won me over. The way we interact with each other at IZEN also shows that we are a close team that wants to move forward together. Even on difficult days, we can always rely on each other, which guarantees that everyone is constantly motivated. 

In your opinion, why are men in general even more likely to work in the technical sector?

Els: In order to attract more women to technical jobs, I believe we need to show more clearly that the sector is open to welcoming everyone, because that is certainly the case. Campaigns like this one can play a big role in this. My experience at VINCI Energies shows that everyone is treated the same way in our sector, regardless of gender. For example, when recruiting new people, only a person’s profile is taken into account. Everyone is given the same opportunities to prove themselves and develop themselves within the company. Personally, I see little difference between men and women. Women can do anything men can do if they have had the same education. So I would advise any woman interested in a technical job to not perceive the sector as a man’s world but to simply give it a try. 

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