"If you get some women to weld, they will quickly experience that they are perfectly capable of doing so."
  • Name: Limke Rons
  • Age: 28
  • Studies: Welding (evening classes)
  • Position: Welder
  • Hobbies: Playing soccer, both indoors and outdoors

The 28-year-old Limke Rons works as a welder at Actemium.

Why did you choose to work at VINCI Energies?

Limke: On the one hand, because it is a large and successful company, with a lot of job security. On the other hand, because you get a lot of support to improve your job performance. There are a lot of initiatives we can make use of. I was of course given the opportunity to follow a welding training, specifically for pipe welding. In addition, I can also follow project courses, such as a training course to become an aerial platform operator or to learn how to drive a forklift truck. I am currently very satisfied with my job at VINCI Energies and the wide range of training courses is a great added value for me.

How come there is no gender balance in the tech sector?

Limke: I think my sector in general scares women off, because they think this is only something for men. For example, many people think that only men can weld, as is also believed about electricians for example. Some women assume that only men can do these professions and do not consider entering the technical sector. The biggest problem is often ignorance about the content of the job. If you get some women to weld, they will quickly experience that they are perfectly capable of doing so. Moreover, I myself have never had problems with prejudice because I do a job that supposedly only men can do.

Do you feel like VINCI Energies is committed to encouraging more gender diversity?

Limke: Yes, just think of this campaign. Moreover, VINCI Energies wants to convince more women to work in the technical sector and they bring that message on all their channels. This way, they put women working in this sector in the picture. In addition, VINCI Energies is also present at job fairs and we will visit secondary schools again when possible. This way, we have been putting the opportunities within the technical sector more in the spotlight for girls for several years now. I am glad that my mom has always supported me in my choice of education. In an ideal world this should be the case for all girls and boys.

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