"If you believe in yourself, anything is possible."
  • Name: Lynn Van Nieuwenhove
  • Age: 24
  • Studies: Master’s degree in engineering: biomedical engineering techniques (UGent)
  • Position: Software Engineer
  • Hobbies: Interior styling, reading

The 24-year-old Lynn Van Nieuwenhove works as a Software Engineer at Axians. She develops tailor-made applications for clients and supports her colleagues in developing new features for the applications and in solving problems for customers.

Why did you choose to join the VINCI Energies team? 

Lynn: I discovered VINCI Energies through a job fair. The event featured both male and female employees holding technical and HR positions. That diversity allowed me to see with my own eyes that it is normal for women to work in this sector. That is what subconsciously attracted me to the company. What also drew my attention is that VINCI Energies is a big company, even though it doesn’t feel like one. Thanks to the division into different business units, there is room for a personal contact among colleagues and with the boss. I think that is positive, as I find it very important not to be considered as just another employee.

Have you always wanted to be a Software Engineer? 

Lynn: I have been interested in computer science and electrical engineering since I was in high school. However, I did eventually pursue a master’s degree in biomedical engineering, where computer science was less of a focus. Only then I knew for sure that I actually wanted to develop software. At VINCI Energies I was given that opportunity, even though I did not have the most ideal master’s degree for this position, because the company knew I was very eager to learn a lot. My job responsibilities are very diverse, as I develop software for different customers. In addition, as software is constantly changing at a rapid pace, I will always be able to gain new knowledge. VINCI Energies also really encourages me to acquire new knowledge. For instance, at the beginning of my career I was offered a one-month summer school specifically for IT. I still use that interesting knowledge every day. 

Who is your role model in the business world?

Lynn: For years I have been following American female entrepreneur Amy Landino on YouTube. She is a youtuber who has won several awards and inspires millions of people every day, including myself. Amy makes many powerful videos about how to start your own business, stay productive and plan your days better. She has taught me that if you believe in yourself anything is possible. Also, I really look up to my fellow colleagues because they are hard workers, but also always take the time to teach me new things and are there for me whenever I have a question. 

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