"I always enjoy showing others that, as a woman, I am as competent as my male colleagues."
  • Name: Noa Grangé
  • Age: 25 
  • Studies: Bachelor Electromechanics with a specialization year in climatology (AP Hogeschool)
  • Function: HVAC Technician
  • Hobbies: Applying artificial nails, off-roading and spending time with her children

The 25-year-old Noa Grangé works as an HVAC Technician at VINCI Facilities. She is mainly responsible for the cooling, ventilation and heating systems of buildings. This involves maintaining air groups, checking their proper operation and repairing cooling systems or boilers.

Is it sometimes difficult to be mainly in the presence of men?

Noa: Already when I was a student, I was the only girl. That always went well and my teachers were also very happy to have a female in their class for once. Now too, all my colleagues are men. In this sector, sometimes you still have to stand up to them, which is not always easy. Fortunately, at VINCI Energies they are strongly committed to well-being. I am regularly asked during evaluation interviews how I feel about the work atmosphere and the cooperation with colleagues, among other things, and I am also invited to share my opinion about what can be improved further within the company itself. Women are more than welcome here, which is certainly not the case everywhere. I for example experienced many problems working for my previous employer because  the fact that I am a woman. I often got derogatory remarks and there was a lack of respect. That is why I decided to join VINCI Energies.

What professional development have you experienced so far?

Noa: At VINCI Energies, in the beginning you work closely with someone who supports you and introduces you to your tasks and responsibilities. This is helpful because the theory is completely different from putting it into practice. After a month you also get the chance to work on your own, for example for small projects or repairs. You quickly learn to stand on your own feet, but of course you are still assisted where necessary, which I find very positive. It is also always nice to be able to show others that as a woman I am just as competent as my male colleagues. I have been working at VINCI Energies for almost two years now and I have learned a lot. I am also looking forward to taking further training courses within the company and continuing to grow.

Have you always wanted to pursue this line of work, or rather the opposite?

Noa: I actually used to want to pursue a completely different profession. I wanted to become a hairdresser. However, I was obliged at school to follow the ASO (General Secondary Education) study program because I achieved very good grades, but then I switched to a technical school before the year was over. The underlying reason is that my father, who worked in construction, had once done a renovation in a school where I had helped him. That’s how I discovered that I wanted to do a more practice-oriented job.

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