"At VINCI Energies, I am literally still learning every day. That is what I was looking for."
  • Name: Wendy Vanlommel
  • Age: 35
  • Studies: Master’s degree in Bioscience Engineering (KU Leuven)
  • Function: Research Engineer
  • Hobbies: Jogging, zumba and boot camp

The 35-year-old Wendy Vanlommel works as a Research Engineer at IZEN. Her main responsibilities are data analysis and more specifically analyzing data from solar parks and the sensors that are placed with them. She also investigates possible malfunctions based on the available data.

What experiences did you first gain before being a Research Engineer at VINCI Energies? 

Wendy: While pursuing my Master’s degree with a specialization in Agricultural Sciences, I started as a Quality Manager at a mushroom packaging company. I then spent six years doing practice-based research on tomatoes and peppers. Within that research, I spent at least half the time analyzing data. I found that this job was right for me, but I wanted to get even better at it. So I started to focus on that goal and eventually ended up here. VINCI Energies offers a lot of internal training, so I am literally still learning every day. That is what I was looking for.

Have you ever faced prejudice for being a woman? 

Wendy: When I sit at my desk, I actually often forget that I am one of the few women among a lot of men. The team I work with has recently also started to consist of 50% women. Only when I go to a meeting I sometimes notice that I am mainly surrounded by men. Fortunately, I have had mostly positive experiences with this. My colleagues often let me know that they recognize my added value. I always get the feeling that my work is really appreciated. 

Who do you look up to in your professional life? 

Wendy: My sister-in-law truly is my role model. She is also working in the field of data analysis, although not in the technical industry. When she talks about this at family events, I can see that she absolutely loves her job. That made me think: “That’s what I want to do, too.” 

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