Logistics Employee

"There are so many women in history who have shown that we can do anything we want."
  • Name: Caroline Walkers
  • Age: 56
  • Studies: Commerce (Immaculata Oostmalle)
  • Function: Logistics employee
  • Hobbies: Lots of exercise; walking, jogging, running, cycling and playing padel

Caroline Walkers, 56, works as a logistics employee at IZEN. As an intermediary between the warehouse and the office, she is in charge of monitoring everything. Every day, she indicates what needs to be shipped from the warehouse and regulates the timely departure and arrival of the deliveries. The start of her work day is always the busiest, as she helps teams that are dealing with possible start-up problems.

How did you enter the technical industry?

Caroline: I actually followed quite a different path before I landed in the technical sector. As an adolescent, I dreamed of becoming a flight attendant, but when it was time to choose a study field, I decided I preferred to study accounting. Unfortunately, my parents were convinced that there were already enough accountants, which led me to spend a year studying to be a kindergarten teacher. However, I soon realized that this was not the right career for me, so I chose to start working. I first worked in the transportation and logistics industry for 27 years, until that company went out of business seven years ago. Since IZEN had storage in that transport company’s warehouse, I quickly found my way to this company. My current job is very varied and I am still learning every day, so I hope to keep doing this until my retirement.

In your opinion, is there a difference between working with men and women?

Caroline: Although the collaboration is certainly just as smooth, I do notice a difference between men and women. When it comes to emotions, for example, women are more often an open book, while men do not really talk about this. An example of this was the death of my dog. Although my husband and I were both affected by that, I was the only one where they noticed it at work. Even though it would not be a bad thing if men also talked about their feelings a little more often. In addition, as a woman in a male environment, you should also be able to be tough. Jokes are often made, but as long as they are with good intentions and without prejudice, I am okay with it.

Who are your role models?

Caroline: First of all, I think women’s rights are very important. As a feminist, I look up to all the women who have brought us to where we are today. From Rosa Parks to Malala, there are so many women in history who have shown that we can do anything we want. It’s also why I would tell all young women who are unsure if they want a job in the technical field: just do it! If you really want it, you will succeed.

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