Data Analytics

"It is fascinating to witness the continuous progress in our industry."
  • Name: Greet Lefebvre
  • Age: 46
  • Studies: Master in Industrial Sciences (UGent, campus Kortrijk).
  • Function: Data Analytics Consultant¬†
  • Hobbies: Studying, playing board games, spending time with my daughters and hiking

The 46-year-old Greet Lefebvre is working as a Data Analytics Consultant at Actemium. Her main goal is to introduce data analytics to the technical sector. When employees experience challenges with their projects, Greet helps and supports them in identifying and leveraging the right data to achieve their goals. In addition to internal support, Greet also educates customers on the possibilities of data analysis and how data can be used for problem solving.

What do you like most about your job?

Greet: I have always had a passion for the technical sector, especially thanks to my brother who worked as a welder. So I knew at a young age that I wanted to pursue this. It is fascinating to witness the continuous progress in our sector. Innovations follow each other at a rapid pace and it is great to be involved in those developments. Additionally, being a data analyst consultant is a true team effort. We work closely together to achieve our goals and overcome obstacles. Sometimes we encounter challenges for which we cannot always quickly find a solution, but that is inevitable when you are committed to innovation. Whenever when we manage to overcome those barriers, it gives an incredible sense of accomplishment.

How have you already evolved within VINCI Energies?

Greet: I started my career as a Junior Automation Engineer, and after a few years of experience, I had the opportunity to focus more on IT, even though my degree was not entirely in line with that field. At that time, I noticed that no one in my team was really involved in data. That insight gave me the idea to specialize in an area that no one else was focusing on, allowing me to stand out. Together with a colleague, I was then entrusted by VINCI Energies with setting up a data team and working as a Data Analytics Consultant.

How do you see yourself continuing to grow within the company?

Greet: Continuing to do what I love and gaining more knowledge are high on my priority list. I obtained a Master’s degree in Industrial Science, but noticed that I wanted to further enrich my knowledge. My eagerness to learn led me to take several online courses outside of work hours. The great thing is that VINCI Energies was willing to finance those courses. While those courses focused primarily on data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), I did not limit my learning path to just those areas. For example, I also completed a postgraduate degree in Applied AI and was triggered by the global transition to sustainable energy, which motivated me to pursue a postgraduate degree in Energy Transition. I have also completed several micro degrees focused on different fields. I look forward to exploring which courses will still come my way.

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