Facility Coordinator

“I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I love.”
  • Name: Karie Verschraegen
  • Age: 58
  • Studies: Bachelor Medical Secretary (Sint-Jozefinstituut Wetteren)
  • Function: Facility Coordinator
  • Hobbies: Speed skating, playing tennis, running

The 58-year-old Karie Verschraegen works as a Facility Coordinator at VINCI Facilities. She is responsible for coordinating the industrial cleaning of about 250 buildings at ArcelorMittal Gent. She is the single point of contact (SPOC) for the entire site. Besides the administrative and operational management of the cleaning services, she also visits the site on a weekly basis to inspect the various buildings. In addition, she is also responsible for handling complaints and looking for appropriate solutions, together with her team.

What is the working atmosphere like within VINCI Energies?

Karie: I actually ended up at VINCI Energies quite coincidentally, but I was already familiar with the company while I was still studying as it is a renowned company with a strong reputation. Therefore, I am very proud to be a part of the team. Despite the size of the company, I have never felt like a number. I have always been involved and have regular contact with my superiors. In addition, occasional dinners and other fun team building activities are organized to strengthen the bond between colleagues, which allowed me to easily get to know people from the beginning and quickly settle in.

How can we encourage more women to enter the technical industry?

Karie: In my opinion, it all starts with awareness. Women are increasingly occupying positions in the technical sector, yet the notion that this is exceptional still prevails. Through exposure in the media and advertisements, and thanks to campaigns like this one, that barrier can be lowered for women. I do notice a positive evolution in this regard over the past years. For instance, I now even know a woman who works as a crane operator. Furthermore, there are increasingly more showers and toilets available for women in factories. That would have been unimaginable ten years ago.

What are your goals for the future?

Karie: Ever since I was young, I have been very eager to learn and that has provided me with many opportunities. This has allowed me to try out many different facility-related tasks. I also always enjoy facing new challenges. It is truly wonderful that I had the opportunity to work for VINCI Energies, even at an older age. After all, it is not straightforward to find a new job at the age of 48. I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I love. At first, it was certainly an adjustment for me as VINCI Energies is a different type of company compared to my previous employer. Additionally, I was introduced to various techniques that I was not familiar with. Furthermore, VINCI Energies also makes it possible to keep learning every day. If it were up to me, I would gladly continue to work at the company until my retirement.

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