More and more women are joining VINCI Energies and with my contribution to this campaign, I hope to inspire many more."
  • Name: Laurence Ketels
  • Age: 27
  • Studies: Master’s degree in Bioengineering: land, water and climate (UGent)
  • Position: Business Analyst
  • Hobbies: Dancing and running

The 27-year-old Laurence Ketels works as a Business Analyst at Actemium. Her responsibilities include being in constant contact with various customers of cattle feed companies, exploring their needs and, based on that, either programming software or developing a technical project description for the technical programmers on her team. 

Why did you choose to work as a Business Analyst at VINCI Energies? 

I ended up at VINCI Energies through two friends who both work there and who had nothing but positive stories to tell about their jobs. What I found appealing is the job security and room for variation because of the company’s size. I had just graduated and wasn’t certain what direction I wanted to follow, but I dared to take the step because there are so many job opportunities within the company. In the end, I really like my job and am happy with my choice. I am a people person and therefore enjoy being in daily contact with various customers. I also get a lot of satisfaction from supporting these customers and I find it interesting to make the different puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. What is also great about the job is that you can continue to learn along the way. After all, VINCI Energies is my first employer and although I initially did not have much knowledge about programming, VINCI Energies was the perfect learning environment for me. You are also allowed to take a course of your choice twice a year and are also given a lot of freedom in this. For example, I took a mulling course, where I learned a number of techniques to reduce overthinking everything. This is not only useful for work, but also for my own mental health. 

How do you feel at work?

I genuinely feel good and also notice that VINCI Energies values employee well-being and motivation. A family day is organized every two years, for example. This way, I have already been to Pairi Daiza with colleagues and their families. It was a very fun day that noticeably strengthened the bond between all employees. There are also plenty of other occasions to spend time together as a team. Although I was a bit of an exception in my team at first, as I was the only female member, those activities have certainly made me feel at home very quickly. I have always felt like a full member of the team. There was one colleague who was a bit skeptical at first, but as soon as I started to progress that feeling immediately disappeared. I also notice that more and more women are joining the company and I hope that my contribution to this campaign will inspire even more women to take the step.

Who helped shape you into the person you are today? 

My mom is a very important person in my life. She has always believed in me and I owe a lot of my self-confidence to her. She has always supported me in choosing this career path as well, which was completely unknown territory for me in the beginning. In addition, I also look up to my mother-in-law. She has already accomplished tremendous achievements in her life and has continued to work full-time while raising two children at the same time. The way she handles certain situations is also really remarkable. She will always remain reasoned and calm, while also saying what’s on her mind with the right arguments. I have already learned a lot from her and continue to be inspired by her willpower. 

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