"I never had to deal with prejudice during my career and it should be that way for every woman."
  • Name: Zineb Boutchich
  • Age: 38
  • Studies: Education in Architectural Drawing and Special Techniques
  • Position: Design Engineer
  • Hobbies: Fitness, aerobics and traveling

The 38-year-old Zineb Boutchich works as a Design Engineer at Cegelec. She designs, optimizes and coordinates special technical installations complying with the client’s requirements, taking into account budget and timing. Among other things, she is responsible for drawing up principle schemes and execution plans based on site visits, measurements and analyses.

As a woman, have you faced certain obstacles during your career? 

Personally, I have always gotten support in my environment, both from my parents and from the people I met during my career. I have never had to deal with prejudice either, and that is how it should be for every woman. I also don’t understand why people would judge or give someone fewer opportunities just based on gender: a woman is capable of equally as much as a man. In fact, many of the people who have supported me are men, such as professors and colleagues, who saw my passion for the profession and were happy to mentor me. I am so passionate about my job because my field is advancing so quickly, allowing me to continue to learn on a daily basis. Some of my colleagues have been with VINCI Energies for 40 years and are still learning new things, which is admirable. The fact that they are enjoying working there for so long says it all.

In terms of gender equality, do you notice a positive evolution in the technical sector? 

In our sector the majority of workers are still men, which is striking, yet there are more and more women now working in technical professions. During the early stages of my career it was in fact not at all standard to work in the sector as a woman and even during my training I was the only woman, whereas now at VINCI Energies I have several female colleagues. I think it’s very positive that this is starting to change, thanks in part to initiatives such as this campaign. 

What convinced you to participate in this ‘Women in Technology’ campaign?

VINCI Energies demonstrates in this way that the presence of women in the technical sector is possible and even normal. With my participation, I want to inspire other women. I also think it’s great that the company actively promotes diversity. This goes beyond just gender diversity. People of any nationality, age or sexual orientation are welcome as well. At VINCI Energies, no distinction is made on the basis of those characteristics, but we focus on people’s talent and potential. Just look at myself, I am a woman of Moroccan origin who has not lived in Belgium for very long and they immediately welcomed me with open arms. Other companies should take this as an example. 

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